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what is Mathcad?

Engineering calculations are essential for product design. To achieve excellence in engineering, you need a comprehensive yet intuitive application that performs accurate calculations, enables traceability, protects intellectual property, and allows you to show your work.
Document your most critical engineering calculations in an engineering notebook with natural mathematical notation and units intelligence. Show your work using rich formatting options alongside plots, text, and images in a single, professionally formatted document.
Choose PTC Mathcad Prime because spreadsheets just can’t compete. Mathcad visually represents math in an intuitive way, making it easy to define, understand, and manipulate engineering calculations with the whiteboard-like user interface.
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The Calculated move

PTC Mathcad Prime is the industry standard for engineering mathematics software, enabling you to solve your most complex problems, and share your engineering calculations. Mathcad Prime is the industry’s leading engineering math software, use it to perform highly accurate calculations easily, and then preserve, share, and reuse those calculation so that you get the most from your important intellectual property

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New Release

Visible Work!

Why use several types of software when PTC Mathcad has what you need?
Open up a worksheet and perform your engineering calculations using the math notation you’re used to. Add images, write some text, and put in graphs or plots. Your PTC Mathcad worksheet is more than just engineering calculation software or a professionally-formatted document: it’s the place where your design intent lives. Curious? The short videos below range from a brief overview to demos of specific software capabilities.
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Mathcad 15 and Mathcad Prime 10 Comparison

Math and Equation Editor
Feature Mathcad 15 Mathcad Prime 10
Equation break on all 4 main arithmetic operators
Equation break on addition operator
Variable, unit, constant, function label styles
Redefinition Warnings
Math styles
Solve blocks
Solve blocks contain local variables
Hide left hand side of evaluation
Hide symbolic keyword
Referenced/included worksheets
Referenced/included worksheets can be cached for portability
Error tracing
Setting tolerance for Zero/complex threshold on numerical results
Hexadecimal, octal, and binary number format
Feature Mathcad 15 Mathcad Prime 10
SI, US, CGS unit systems
Dynamic unit checking
Mixed units in matrices
Native units in plots
Mixed units in plots
MKS, None and customized unit systems
Feature Mathcad 15 Mathcad Prime 10
Comprehensive built-in functions
Data Analysis, Signal Processing, Image Processing functions
Wavelet functions*
Localized functions and keyword names
Choice of solving algorithms for applicable functions
Matrices and Vectors
Feature Mathcad 15 Mathcad Prime 10
Insert matrix with desired rows and columns
Ability to view large matrix results
Tools to easily add and delete rows and columns in matrices
Feature Mathcad 15 Mathcad Prime 10
Algebra operators
Vector and matrix operators
Definition and evaluation operators
Calculus operators
Boolean operators
Polar representation operator
Matrix row operator
Custom display of operators
Custom operators, prefix and postfix operators
Gradient operator
Picture operator
Document features
Feature Mathcad 15 Mathcad Prime 10
Collapsible areas
Locked areas
Copy/ paste content into third party applications
Embedded math in text
Headers and footers
Insertion of OLE objects
Save to RTF
Spell check
Separate regions vertically
Separate regions horizontally
Align regions vertically and horizontally
Math formatting
Text formatting
Text styles
External hyperlinks
Region tags/internal links
Subscript and superscript in text
Worksheet Border, Header & Footer Borders
Display worksheet grid
Region border
Ruler and guidelines
Auto save
Worksheet protection
User Interface
Feature Mathcad 15 Mathcad Prime 10
Ribbon user interface
WYSIWYG document editing
Tile worksheets
Feature Mathcad 15 Mathcad Prime 10
Multithreading for optimized performance
Math Kernel Library
Feature Mathcad 15 Mathcad Prime 10
64-bit application
Windows 11 support
Feature Mathcad 15 Mathcad Prime 10
2D plots; traces: line, column, bar, stem, waterfall, error, box, effects, polar plots
2D plots: trace and zoom
3D plots: surfaces, curves, scattered plots, contour plots
3D plots: rotate, pan, zoom
3D plots: vector field, 3D bar, 3D patch
3D Plot legends, titles as embedded regions
3D Plots: Color gradient on surface
Feature Mathcad 15 Mathcad Prime 10
In-Line programming
Programming operators: else if, also if
Programming operators can be typed in directly
Feature Mathcad 15 Mathcad Prime 10
Insert data input table
Tables with multiple variable definitions
Integration with other applications
Feature Mathcad 15 Mathcad Prime 10
Read/write Excel data
Windchill Workgroup Manager integration
Excel Component
Automation API
User-defined DLLs
Scriptable Objects
Engineering Notebook integration with Creo
Feature Mathcad 15 Mathcad Prime 10
Symbolic math*
Symbolic Solve blocks
Feature Mathcad 15 Mathcad Prime 10
Web Controls: Textbox (display control; not needed for calculations to run)
Web Controls: Check box (use Combo box in Prime)
Web Controls: List box/Combo box
Web Controls: Radio button group (use Combo box in Prime)
Web Controls: Submit N/A N/A
Scripted Controls: Check Box
Scripted Controls: Radio Button
Scripted Controls: Push Button
Scripted Controls: Text Box
Scripted Controls: List Box
Scripted Controls: Slider
Feature Mathcad 15 Mathcad Prime 10