What is Creo?

Creo is the 3D CAD solution that helps you accelerate product innovation so you can build better products faster. Easy-to-learn Creo seamlessly takes you from the earliest phases of product design to manufacturing and beyond.

You can combine powerful, proven functionality with new technologies such as generative design, augmented reality, real-time simulation, additive manufacturing. and the IoT to iterate faster, reduce costs, and improve product quality. The world of product development moves quickly, and only Creo delivers the transformative tools you need to build competitive advantage and gain market share.

Creo Overview

Creo delivers on a commitment to continuous CAD improvement and features powerful new technologies designed for the ever-evolving world of product design. Creo introduces breakthrough capabilities in the area of AI-driven Generative design. 

  • Generative design 

Generative design autonomously creates optimal CAD model designs from a set of requirements you specify. Both of Creo’s generative design solutions help you deliver high-quality, lower-cost, ready-to-manufacture products, all within the Creo design environment. Choose to adapt the results or use them as a final design.



  • Generative Topology Optimization (GTO)

Let generative design bring you the benefits of digital transformation. When you can rapidly explore innovative designs, you’re closer to cutting costs and improving quality and time-to-market. Faster exploration allows more in-depth examination of different combinations of materials and manufacturing processes, revealing solutions you
may never have considered.

  • Generative Design Extension(GDX)

GDX allows you to simultaneously develop numerous design studies with a variety of materials and processes, both seamlessly within the Creo design environment, to enhance productivity. 

Creo 9 updates included:

  • Support the latest versions of open-source and proprietary code.
  • Evaluate potential security vulnerabilities through regular monitoring using industrial tools.
  • Other updates include images, libraries, and systems and improve workflow for accessing floating licenses.
  • The Quick Access Toolbar can be customized to include the Floating Licenses icon where users can check their company’s license information to review all available licenses. 
  • The license names have been updated to make them more user-friendly and match the license purchased by the organization. 
  • Included tooltips will provide additional details on the function of the given floating module.

New Release

CREO 9 is Here!

Creo 9 is full of productivity and usability enhancements to help you deliver your best designs in less time. There are new tools for managing, manipulating and understanding CAD models. Creo 9 continues to enhance tools for ergonomics, Model-Based Definition (MBD), simulation, generative design, and additive/subtractive manufacturing. 

Usability and productivity

New customer-driven usability and productivity enhancements will help streamline your daily work. Model tree management has never been easier, and a new divided surfaces function allows for even better analysis and definition. Sketcher, multibody, Freestyle and ECAD have all been improved to simplify and speed up your everyday work. productONE together with PTC's commitment to bringing you productivity and usability enhancements to help you deliver your best designs in less time in areas such as full-fidelity and real-time simulation, ergonomics, model-based definition, and additive/subtractive manufacturing.


PTC’s developers created Creo Parametric as a sound foundation software that allows its users the ability to expand deeper functionality with each component. As your products become more complex in their engineering, Creo offers expanded capabilities to meet your requirements. 

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Creo packages

CAD software packages for product development professionals 

Meet the changing demands of your business by subscribing to a Creo design package. Create high-quality designs with the flexibility to choose exactly what you need, when you need it. Subscribing to a Creo design package ensures you’ll always have access to the latest capabilities and premium support—and you can upgrade your package at any time.

Creo design packages

Creo design packages provide comprehensive 3D software that you can expand and upgrade at any time to meet the changing demands of your engineering and business requirements.

Download the Creo Design Packages Overview brochure to understand how our packages are structured.






Industry-Standard 3D CAD Capabilities**

Augmented Reality Design Visualization

Top-Down Design & Concurrent Engineering

Prismatic & Multi-Surface Milling

Advanced Surfacing & Additive Manufacturing

GD&T & Tolerance Analysis

Mold Design & Mold Machining

Extended Collaboration

PTC Mathcad

Simulation, Basic CFD, & Fatigue Advisor

Production Machining

Advanced Simulation & CFD

Options Modeler & Topology Optimization

Metal Printing & Complete Machining