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productONE was founded in 1991, selling the world’s first Parametric CAD software package, PTC’s Pro-ENGINEER. Since then, it has expanded to include solutions partnering and the unique Closed Loop PLM solution suite from PTC, enabling Industry 4.0 best practices. The Closed Loop PLM solution which starts from: Planning and Design, through to Validation and Production on to Operations and Support, feeding back into Planning; enables productONE’s customers to achieve sustained product and service advantage. We are excited about the evolution of Creo (ex ProE), Windchill (PLM), Thingworx (IoT) and Vuforia (AR) range of solutions and the endless possibilities that lay ahead as we transform our customer environments.
Today productONE is a value-driven company of over 30 people, the majority technical, supporting our customers from our primary location in Centurion, South Africa. We remain proudly associated with PTC, purveying their best-in-class product development solutions, and facilitating our customers’ digital transformation aspirations. From small, often owner managed businesses, to well-known listed and international corporations, our customers are engaged in the development of new products in fields including Aerospace & Defense, Road & Rail Transportation, Industrial Equipment, Electronics & High Tech.
Our business philosophy is to add value by understanding our customer’s business challenges; thereby allowing us to partner with them to create tailor-made solutions. Our technical and sales consultants follow this approach which has resulted in longstanding partnerships with our customers.

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Why P1?

Massive transformative Purpose

At productONE we are inspired by the creation of products led by African minds.  To this end, we have a Massive Transformative Purpose (MTP). A MTP can be defined as a company’s BIG idea that can support its mission and vision; it is an aspirational statement that serves as an organisation’s compass, guiding all stakeholders towards a common goal. Our MTP is Making African Products Great.
productONE aspires to empower African product innovators by supplying them with world-class software, support and service solutions. We partner with PTC, a like-minded global software OEM, to bring leading disruptive technologies to the African market. We drive adoption of these technologies through our local expertise and experience. We work with our customers to overcome challenges to growth and profitability that they face in an increasingly competitive environment. We believe that enormous benefit can be gained by optimising the business processes essential to developing and supporting a world leading product or project.

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empowering African product innovators

productONE aspires to empower African product innovators by supplying them with world-class software, support and service solutions.

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Maximize Revenue Growth Across the Value Chain Optimize your

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