Careers at productONE


From using revolutionary technology to an innovative, inclusive culture, a career at productONE is unlike any other. 

productONE is always on the lookout for talent. Whether it be for permanent or temporary work opportunities on a project-by-project basis, we believe that recruitment is not always time-bound or circumstantial. If the right people come along by chance, we make strong considerations for creating a suitable role, so long as it is mutually value-adding.  

Our temporary employment system is set up to help future and current engineers further their experience and development on a project basis. We offer applicants an opportunity to develop themselves in a dynamic and exciting work environment through introduction, update and advanced training on various engineering and design tools; mentorship programmes driven by highly skilled experts; and hands-on ad hoc project experience dealing with some of the biggest names in the Aerospace & Defense, Road & Rail Transportation, Industrial Equipment, Electronics & High Tech markets. 

To compete effectively and sustain their success, product development companies must continuously strive for excellence both in the products they deliver and the service they provide. If the business excels in one area alone, or if it is unable to deliver successful product introductions repeatedly, any gains achieved will be short-lived. 

Join Our Team

Email your CV to our HR department at to be added to our database. 

Please remember that this is a speculative application, so clearly specify where your interests lie to be contacted for the opportunity that best suits your profile.  

We are looking forward to receiving your application!


Like the world around us, our company is always evolving, and our employees are leading the way. With a culture that is innovative, inclusive, and fun, productONE is the perfect place to build a fulfilling career. 

Our team is a family, and we hold each other accountable for upholding the company values and always creating an excellent customer experience. 




  • We have confidence in our capabilities and where we lack, we have the courage to learn and to improve
  • We take calculated risks and win on merit
  • We take initiative and partner with our stakeholders towards innovative product development solutions


  • We are inspired to Make African Products Great and rise above adversity
  • We have confidence and tenacity

Openness and Integrity:

  • We maintain our integrity as key to our credibility
  • We adhere to professional moral and ethical principles
  • We have an open view to initiatives that drive the African continent to greater heights


  • We take pride in our work - We consistently and timeously deliver complete and high-quality outputs
  • We strive to be the benchmark for others


  • We take responsibility of our actions by accepting our mistakes and learning from them
  • We are accountable to our stakeholders and see through to our commitments

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