“Better collaboration, closed-loop quality, and concurrent manufacturing”.


Managing the Complete Product Lifecycle

With Windchill, the industry-leading PLM software from PTC, you can digitalize and connect your enterprise in this new world. PTC recognizes the need for fast, scalable tools to manage your product lifecycle and drive revenue, reduce costs, and stay competitive.

Windchill provides the foundation and continuity of product information across the digital thread, whether deployed on-premises or in the cloud. Our web-based tools connect physical assets with their digital twins for a secure, global, cohesive, and flexible work environment. The world is changing, but you don’t need to transition alone; Windchill is the enterprise PLM application suite that transitions with you.


Technology to Grow with Your Business

Whether you are just starting your digital transformation initiative or are implementing advanced PLM capabilities, Windchill offers packages to grow with your business. Windchill’s core multi-CAD and product data management (PDM) functionality – along with automated change and document management, business systems integration and project execution – will help you establish your core product development platform. As your PLM initiatives and requirements grow, you can expand your capabilities to include variant management, parts classification, supplier management, downstream manufacturing and service BOM management, manufacturing process plans and work instructions, augmented reality, IoT and more.

Windchill’s 100% web-based architecture, which is optimized for agility and flexibility, has been designed to easily integrate with existing IT, internet, and security infrastructures for remote work and multi-site collaboration. PLM deployments with PTC can be on-premises, in the cloud, on a single server for a workgroup, or on a highly scalable clustered system with performance optimized for content distribution. Based on the industry standard J2EE, internet and web services interfaces, and powerful federation for maintaining data with other systems, Windchill seamlessly interoperates in heterogeneous environments with a consistent data model from CAD data management to BOM transformation.


What’s New in Windchill 12?

Rapidly Develop Role- and Task-Based Apps

ThingWorx Navigate 9.0 enables customers to build their own unique custom apps, leveraging a rapid app development environment with reusable components. Experience 8x faster time-to-value when building a new custom app, going from 3.5 months to under 2 weeks.


Implement Closed-Loop Quality

Application lifecycle management (ALM) and PLM integration delivers proof of traceability for finding and fixing problems early. This new capability is delivered through tight OSLC integration with the PTC toolchain (Windchill RV&S and Windchill Modeler) and third-party requirements management tools (e.g. IBM Doors NG).


Visually Manage Critical to Quality (CTQ)


ThingWorx Navigate 9.0 enables customers to build their own unique custom apps, leveraging a rapid app development environment with reusable components. Experience 8x faster time-to-value when building a new custom app, going from 3.5 months to under 2 weeks.


Support Concurrent Engineering with the Factory

BOM transformation tools enable manufacturing engineers to quickly view and reconcile upstream changes to downstream manufacturing and plant specific BOMs.

PTC Windchill securely tracks, stores and shares all versions and iterations of CAD models, created in PTC Creo or other MCAD applications, ensuring that everyone is utilizing the same information. PTC Windchill can also manage related content such as ECAD files, software source code, documentation, requirements, manufacturing information, service information, part/supplier data, calculations and illustrations to provide complete control over the entire product structure.

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