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Students & Lecturers


The productONE/PTC Academic Program for Universities is the most comprehensive program available to professors/lecturers and students worldwide. We provide, either for free or for a minimal fee, Creo Parametric software, along with other PTC software applications, plus related courseware enabling your students to enjoy a unique and creative exploration of design, engineering and technology.
Right now, productONE/PTC Academic Program is building a network of consortia with the goal of developing more effective approaches to product development education. This collaborative project aims to foster academic liaisons with industry, and engage our commercial partners with the development of curriculum.
The productONE/PTC Academic Program for Universities delivers a modern product-development education that’s designed to prepare you for your future career. By providing comprehensive software packages, hours of e-learning, real-world design competitions, and access to productONE/PTC professionals, our program gives you the competitive advantage you need to compete in the job market, and the necessary skills that industry leaders are seeking.