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PTC’s end-to-end dynamic publishing solution streamlines how organizations create, manage, and publish technical information.
Learn how PTC Arbortext can help you as:

-   Technical Author
-   Technical Illustrator
-   Publishing Manager
-   Compliance Manager
PTC Arbortext component-based authoring software provides users with industry leading tools to create technical content that can be reused across all channels of product and technical documentation. These tools can be used independently or together, to maximize worker productivity and information value by creating reusable, component-based content to ensure higher quality product information in less time.
-   PTC Arbortext Editor Author structured components for dynamic publishing, support DITA and S1000D standards
-   PTC Arbortext IsoDraw Enable CAD-driven, high-quality 2D technical illustrations
-   PTC Creo Illustrate Deliver powerful, interactive 3D illustrations for parts lists and service procedures
Technical Illustrations in the 21st Century
The field of technical illustration is vast,and now comprises a multitude of techniques and principles.Today’s illustrators searching for insightful information on topics such as illustrations versus drawings,find the current situation paradoxical:technical illustration is a huge topic,yet there are few books and publications available as many of the “classics” have gone out of print.