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Product Complexity

To better meet customer-specific and market-specific demands, companies are increasing the number of products and product variants they manufacture. The need to manage this growing complexity of product offerings ties up R&D budget and capacity that could otherwise be used for new products or market opportunities. Too often, innovation takes a back seat to validating product configurations.
Manufacturers must find a way to optimize their designs processes to maximize reuse across configurations and minimizing costly redundancies.
PTC’s approach to Product Complexity Management provides manufacturers with a way to efficiently deliver regional or market-specific products without increasing operational complexity. 
This allows manufacturers to achieve product diversity by:
- Architecting product platforms as a collection of reusable modules
- Validating product platforms and customer-specific configurations
- Propagating configuration information to create manufacturing and service plans

Product Diversity with Scale

To meet customer- and market-specific demands, companies are increasing products and product offerings. Managing the corresponding complexity can impact budget and resource capacity that could be used for greater product innovation. Learn how a global platforms strategy can help manufacturers optimize design processes to maximize reuse across configurations and minimize costly redundancies.