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Mathcad Prime 7


"Solve, Document, Share, and Reuse Your Engineering Calculations". 

In the quest for engineering excellence, companies invest heavily in technology for detailed design development and prototype testing. Yet they often neglect one of the most essential ingredients of all: engineering calculations. These calculations predict the behavior of designs early in the product development process, and they drive critical parameters and dimensions. Without accurate, reproducible, and readable calculations, you lose time and valuable intellectual property.
With PTC Mathcad, you can easily perform, document, and share your calculations and design work. Its simple interface, live natural math notation, powerful capabilities, and open architecture streamline critical design processes. Calculations, text, and images appear in an understandable format, enabling knowledge capture, data reuse, and design verification.
The integration of calculation work into existing engineering processes and applications results in products that get to market faster, have improved quality, and are more successful in satisfying regulatory compliances.

What is PTC Mathcad Prime?

A digital engineering notebook to perform your engineering calculations and manage your design intent that combines the ease and familiarity of an engineering notebook with a powerful mathematical engine. 
•Engineering calculation software that integrates multiple content types into a comprehensive engineering document
–Mathcad worksheets are live math documents that calculate results and communicate ideas at the same time
–Standard mathematical notation for transparency and readability
•Powerful math engine
–Numeric and Symbolic calculations
–Rich function library
–Comprehensive support for units
•Visual presentation features
–Fully formatted text and math
–2D, 3D, polar, and contour plots
–Full control over display content

Key Benefits

PTC Mathcad delivers a wealth of benefits to every major stakeholder in the engineering organization. For senior management, PTC Mathcad ensures maximum team productivity, helping deliver better products more quickly at a lower cost while protecting intellectual property. PTC Mathcad helps engineers more efficiently perform all phases of their work, reducing errors, increasing collaboration with colleagues, and encouraging greater reuse of approved calculations in future projects.

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