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Logging a support call telephonically

Call 012 673 9300. Your call will then be logged with the approriate Support Engineer (SE) and they will return your call.
Give a brief description of the problem. The SE will log your call in our CRM system and give you a case number.
The SE will then either handle and resolve the issue, or assign it to the person responsible for the relevant product for resolution. The assigned person will contact you within 2 hours of your call.
If you have data that you need assistance with you may be requested to email it to You may also copy the assigned SE on the mail, but the data MUST also go to as the SE monitoring this address is also responsible for the recording of this data against the case.
Requests for specific SE’s will not be met for first-time calls. If you have been dealing with a specific SE on a problem, you may contact them by calling either the help desk or our switchboard and quoting your case number.
Should the SE not be available at the time of your call, your call will be redirected to our operator or voice mail system. Please leave a message and the relevant person will call you back. You could also send an email to asking that the assigned SE contact you.
Please note that for procedural reasons, SE, cell phone numbers will not be given out to customers. If you need to speak to an SE urgently about an existing case please leave a message with the SE or the operator, politely conveying the urgency of the matter.