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Increasing Business Value across your Product Development Lifecycle

Change or Configuration management still a headache?
Are you struggling to implement a streamlined,collaborative,reusable process for creating timely and competitive proposals? Do you have the desire to automate a custom business approval process? With more than 20 year experience, productONE can assist you to identify they key processes you should target and refine,in order to make the biggest impact on your bottom line.
Through our solutions and expertise,we at productONE have aimed numerous companies to identify,enhance and implement key product development initiatives. We are uniquely positioned with our methodology to support your company’s business strategy.
The Services Team promises delivery of tangible, quantifiable business value to help you improve your product development process.

Upgrades and Service packs

productONE Consulting Services offers the most efficient,cost-effective way to transition to the latest software release. As our upgrade solutions include essential education and process consulting work,you will not only have an updated system,you will have employees ready to adopt it.
Upgrades and service pack rollouts are an essential part of staying ahead of competitors with the latest and greatest advantages in a fast evolving industry.

System administration 

System monitoring and administration is a critical aspect to the successful operations of most businesses.The cost associated with monitoring and administering these systems can be a burden for companies.
productONE can help to minimize these costs by providing system monitoring and administration services. We will work with you and your organisation to develop an effective strategy for monitoring and administering your Windchill system.
We will formulate a plan that meets your business requirements to ensure that your server /s are operating at their highest capabilities and are protected from unplanned system ‘down time’.In addition, we can develop a backup / recovery plan to protect your company data in the event of system failure resulting in data loss.
Server maintenance does not necessarily have to be done onsite,a secure online connection to the server is sufficient for administrative maintenance jobs to be completed.We can remotely monitor and manage your server from our fully staffed support centre in Centurion.

Drawing export utility

Designers are usually disrupted by requests for printing drawings either for the purchasing or production department.This manual process could become a costly exercise depending on the number of drawings requested.
A small customization is loaded onto your Windchill server and will enable you to extract drawings (PDF,PLT,DXF etc) from Windchill automatically and place them on a network drive.The exported drawings will only be exported on a lifecycle state of your choice.
Contact Services today to find out how our custom software will make your drawings available to all relevant departments.

AutoCAD Bulk data loader

Do you have a lot of legacy AutoCAD data ? Still managing AutoCAD data outside of Windchill on a network drive? Would you like to centralise all your AutoCAD data in Windchill? Do you have concerns over the amount of time it will take to load the data into Windchill?
With our customised software you will be able to:
-   Load AutoCAD data with attributes into Windchill
-   Reduce the load time of an AutoCAD drawing to a few seconds
-   Ability to load all revisions of an AutoCAD drawing into PDMLink and show revision history
-   Link AutoCAD attributes to Windchill attributes,enabling a search function on attributes
-   Eliminate potential costly mistakes by using the Bulk Data Loader
-   Manage AutoCAD data in a central location,governed by access control in Windchill