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In traditional manufacturing, companies must address a variety of complex challenges to improve product development: frequent design changes, disparate systems with incompatible data, regulatory compliance, and more. Equally important, interest in global product development is growing dramatically, driving new demands for distributed processes, collaboration, and global data management.
To better compete, and win, successful manufacturing companies are seeking a solution that solves these product development challenges.
Would you like to:
 -  Reduce time to market to gain a competitive edge
 -  Reduce product and development cost
 -  Gain transparency over product lifecycle
 -  Improve product quality
 -  Reduce cost of prototyping
 -  Save with increased data re-use
Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) is a solution that provides the necessary requirements and capabilities companies need to successfully manage information and facilitate communication and collaboration across the entire product lifecycle from idea through retirement. PLM has emerged as the primary means by which to improve product development processes across the value chain to deliver the most business value.