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Change Management

Seamlessly Organize & Control Change

In today’s competitive global business environment, it’s important for companies to reduce product cost, improve product quality, and eliminate expensive product delays. These initiatives, coupled with the fact that products and development processes are becoming more complex and increasingly global, drive the need for a well-defined and orderly process for controlling change to product configurations from conception to retirement. Difficulties finding accurate change-related documentation, including the recording of a proposed change, the impending impact of the change, and the complete change history, all leave companies open to repeating mistakes. Problems managing configurations, including synchronizing engineering and manufacturing BOMs, coordinating multiple-disciplinary content, and communicating change effectively, lead directly to quality and cost problems.
An effective change and configuration management process will allow companies to increase innovation by freeing up valuable engineering time, improve product quality by allowing quality improvements early in the product lifecycle, reduce product cost by allowing manufacturers to plan and prepare for effective changes to product configurations and hence minimize product inventory, and improve time-to-market by minimizing downtime due to incomplete change documentation.
PTC’s Product Development System (PDS) acts as a change and configuration management system that supports standardized and repeatable control over how informal and formal changes to product configurations are proposed, evaluated, implemented and documented. It provides an automated, closed-loop, out-of-the-box best practice change-process that enables all product development stakeholders to instantly access all necessary data. Comprehensive configuration management capabilities allow the impact of proposed changes on product lines to be easily communicated and evaluated, as well as safely implemented.

Seamlessly Organize & Control Change

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Change and Configuration Management

Mention, Change and Configuration Management, (CCM) to even the boldest manufacturing executives, and they will tell you it’s a serious and complex issue that is frequently a stumbling block. More often than not, companies wistfully hope CCM can be magically solved by a set of patchwork solutions. With the current pace and intensity of global competition, today’s business leaders can no longer put CCM on the backburner. Progressive companies that have successfully tackled CCM are now able to develop a greater number of high-quality, highly innovative products faster than the competition. What’s more, they are significantly increasing productivity and profitability along the way.