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3D Design

Creating an Efficient Design Process

Increasing product sophistication coupled with the pace of market innovation is driving the need for companies to react more quickly and efficiently to ever changing demand. A lack of integration between teams, partners and vendors, and across design disciplines prevents companies from capturing the full digital definition, forcing designers to work out of context to the entire assembly. This leads to design errors that ripple across the product development process driving up costs, lengthening time to market and decreasing product quality.
By moving towards a design process that enables the capture of the full digital prototype, companies are able to detect and correct design errors earlier and move towards a more streamlined, concurrent design process with partners, vendors, other teams and disciplines. Additionally, based on the type of products being created, with the full digital prototype, companies can automate the creation and delivery of certain engineering deliverables.
When combined with new CAD technology, designers are able to accelerate activities from routine tasks such as importing a model to high value tasks such as creating complex surfaces. All this leads to decreased cycle times, allowing companies to spend more time on higher value activities, such as creating and refining new concepts to find that winning product design.
The PTC 3D Design solution combines our superior CAD technology with best practices to help companies transform their product development process and improve costs, time-to-market, and product quality to enable designers to accelerate the pace of product innovation.
Capturing the Complete Digital Prototype
Products are becoming increasingly more sophisticated with electromechanical integration and complex mechanical parts. Creating accurate, up to date digital prototypes is the key to controlling costs, reducing time to market and improving quality. PTC’s 3D Design solution helps organizations achieve this with best practices, task specific apps and training.