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2D to 3D

Learn how adding 3D to your 2D environment can optimize your product development processes
While most 2D CAD users have considered the move to 3D modeling, many are put off by the perception of a difficult and disruptive transition between the two modeling approaches. However, substantial and impactful technology advances directly affect how quickly and easily organizations can start using 3D CAD, and many companies are finding it to be easier than expected.

The New Answers to the Challenges of 2D

Don’t believe everything you read. If there’s one truism of the Internet age, that’s it. And that’s the case even, or maybe especially, when it comes to CAD. For nearly 20 years, conventional wisdom steadfastly preached to drop 2D for 3D. And yet, despite the prevalence of that argument, not all organizations followed that advice.

Top 10 Reasons to Take Another Look at 3D

If you are designing products today in 2D, you may have already looked at the benefits of switching to a 3D environment. But implementing new software can disrupt processes, derail talented and productive designers, and lead to unanticipated expenses, especially when you’re already sitting on years of legacy drawings.