Important Update to Your Java License Agreement

Oracle has announced changes to their Java support policies effective January 2019 that affect many PTC products that use Java.

After 1 January 2019, PTC will no longer be authorized to distribute non-publicly available versions of Java JRE (Java Runtime Environment) or the JDK (Java Development Kit) with product installations or in maintenance updates. As a result, post-January 2019, PTC will no longer distribute Java for any new product releases or any maintenance update, except for free trial and freemium products.

For products released prior to January 2019, PTC may continue to distribute a publicly-available version of Java with the product release only. In all cases, customers will need to secure their own support contracts with Oracle starting in January 2019 to receive updates to Java for their PTC products and to install new versions of products.

For the official notice from PTC, please visit

productONE is still doing further investigations into exactly which products are affected and will keep you updated regarding any new developments and impact on costs.

Contact for any queries.