Augmented Reality – A Customer Experience

About Adlam Engineering
Adlam Engineering is a manufacturer of industrial machine components by various manufacturing operations. Their customers include the mining sector and general industrial industries. Adlam Engineering is a world-class rebuilder of mining equipment and engineer, design and manufacture alternative and original equipment (OEM) replacement parts for the surface as well as underground mining industry. They offer their customers experience and Adlam Engineering are constantly updating and investing in the latest CNC machines, tooling and software to ensure that the highest quality parts are made. They constantly strive to improve the quality in all their operations.

Enterprise Augmented Reality in South Africa
Augmented Reality (AR), although not a new concept, can still be classified as an emerging field in the South African enterprise market. According to Gartner, there are "three mega trends that will drive digital business into the next decade". Namely: Artificial intelligence (AI), transparently immersive experiences (which includes AR) and digital platforms (which includes the digital twin and IoT platforms). The idea of growth in AR is further supported by IDC where they state that " worldwide spending on Augmented and Virtual Reality is forecast to reach $17.8 Billion in 2018".

According to Dimension Data’s 2017 report profiling the South African digital workplace, “75% of local organisations say they will have a practical use case for augmented reality technologies within the next two years”; of the 75%, 10% see a practical use for AR technologies now, marking this group as the potential early adopters of these solutions.

Adlam Engineering: Front-runners in Technology Adoption
Adlam Engineering recently created an AR solution for one of its customers in the mining industry. According to Adlam, the mining industry has a high number of workers who are unable to accurately understand and read drawings.

“Although Isometric drawings normally make it easier to visualize the product that you are trying to present, there are still people who struggle to understand these. Plus, normally you have to present a range of pictures from different angles to show the product”, said Kobus Boshoff, Research and Development, Adlam Engineering.

“Augmented Reality makes it very easy for people to experience the product in a very different way by having a 360° visualization experience, making the customer feel that he/she can almost touch the product”, he continued.

Adlam Engineering used PTC’s basic Augmented Reality feature, which comes in PTC Creo 4.0*, to create this experience for their customer. With Creo 4.0 and AR you can turn your digital design into a physical reality; saving you valuable time and money. Using PTC’s AR solution, innovators and developers are empowered to build immersive experiences that transform the way users create, operate and service products in the smart, connected world.

“The customer could see the product 360° by walking around it and seeing all of the external features of the product before the product was even built, thereby giving the customer a sense of scale of the product if it was made in reality”; stated Kobus as he explained the benefits of AR for their customer.

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